Abigail Berger



Abigail Berger is a seventeen year old arts student based in New Orleans, Louisiana. Despite being avidly trained in the discipline of musical theatre, her true passion lies in the art of capturing the beauty in the world around her. Abby got her start in photography through simply taking iPhone pictures of her friends all around New Orleans. Whether out parading during Mardi Gras, watching the sunset over the city skyline, or just venturing around the city, Abigail’s early work showcased a raw perspective on what it’s like to be a young girl growing up in the Big Easy. Once she began receiving positive feedback from the Instagram community, she decided to get a real camera and see what she could create. Since then, Abby has developed her own signature artistic style. She has appeared in galleries and publications, as well as various online magazines. Abigail takes inspiration from both observing and experiencing the feminine condition in worlds of fantasy as well as reality. Her nostalgic tones convey the struggles of teenagehood as well as the inevitability of growing up. Whether she’s capturing candid shots of the teen girl scene down in New Orleans, or curating a whimsical setting reminiscent of childhood fantasy, Abigail strives to showcase the awe-inspiring enchantment of the feminine form.

Find Abby on Instagram @abbyb3rg3r