Adolescent, helmed by Creative Director Ramaa Mosley and Executive Producer Hope Farley is a production collective dedicated to the representation and deveopment of innovative and prodigious directors working across broadcast and digital platforms. Adolescent functions as a traditional production company, as well a think tank for brands and ad agencies. We wrap our arms around conception of ideas and execution for broadcast, branded content videos and YouTube assets. By bringing together teams of youth, we help ideate concepts targeted at young people.

Adolescent’s function is to harness and cultivate each of our director’s visual and story telling talent and to connect them with advertising agencies and brands looking for a unique and youthful voice for a wide range of projects targeting a wide range of ages. We can work on a host of projects at different scales and needs. By overseeing creation to distribution, we can streamline the process to be more efficient and cost effective.

We represent filmmakers, photographers and social media influencers. All have a strong point of view that speaks to youth culture. Adolescent has two divisions of Directors and a division dedicated to Influencer/Creators with strong social media followings:

Adolescent represents gifted, young directors and social media influencers ages 11-20 years old from around the world. Who better to reach young people than prodigious directors who speak their language? Adolescent’s function is to harness each young Creator's natural visual and storytelling gift, support them with seasoned production teams, and connecting them with advertising agencies and brands looking for a unique and youth oriented voice. Adolescent's digital platform is a showcase for content made by youth for youth ages 14 – 25 years old. With a strong focus on social justice, feminism and high production value entertainment, our social experiment videos, HOW TO's and web series are being viewed by over 300,000 visitors a month and we are quickly becoming the destination for the youth. 







Adolescent+ represents accomplished, award winning directors from around the world with a strong insight into millennial audiences