Calderon//Hobbs, 16, are a young directing duo based out of London, England. Although lifelong friends // partners in crime and have been directing together for the past two years, shooting a range of music videos, developing a mini-series and several specs, and scripting a short.

The duo love a challenge, pushing ideas and concepts to different ends of the creative spectrum. One end being, interviewing their local South London Wizard, whilst the other- making experimental films on local transport. They try to find interest in the mundane, a story in the tiniest of places – believing that you should always be open to new adventures, and exposing yourself to new and creative works in the weirdest of places with the most interesting people.

The duo are inspired by the directors – Chris Morris, Stanley Kubrick, Ian Pons Jewell, Isiah Seret, Hiro Murai and Fredrik Bond.

Between them they share – one beard, two pairs of glasses, two creative minds and are collectively 12ft tall.
Calderon//Hobbs are currently in post on a music video for the band “Fantastic” and a commercial for Pepsi.