Claire Jantzen





Claire Jantzen, is a 17 year old filmmaker and photographer from Encinitas, California. She began her career  behind the camera at the age of 11, photographing and filming family, close friends, and places and things she found interesting.

Soon Claire discovered that she could tell meaningful stories with moving pictures, and began playing with different mediums of film making, first using stop motion video to create gifts for her friends and family, and then combining her passion for film making and love of music to shoot music videos.  In commercials, she seeks to capture and share personal stories especially those about children and young adults.

Claire most recently finished a project for Target through Deutsch. She has completed spots for Skype and Bic and is preparing to shoot her first web series for AdolescentTV network.  With social media as Claire’s vehicle, in particular Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, she has developed a robust following of fans who continue to encourage and inspire her to further her passion for film making.  She is a passionate storyteller and has her eye on directing movies.