Daniel Ojanlatva was born in Kiruna, the northernmost city in Sweden, built north of the arctic circle mostly on a dare. Growing up with both the midnight sun and polar nights was helpful in his development of a sense of dark humor, and in 2006 he wrote Sweden’s first vampire movie called Frostbitten that was sold to over 40 countries.

After finishing art school Daniel has been working as a high school art teacher and screenwriter. But when a friend introduced him to Vine he fell back in love with stop motion and old school practical effects. What started as a pastime has become his third job–creating quirky ads on social media. His client work includes Ford Motor Company, Intel, Sony, Samsung, Netflix, Bud Light and Peugeot. Daniel’s animations have been chosen as an ”editor pick” on Vine and his work has also been featured on the Ellen Degeneres Show.

Daniel lives by the sea outside of Stockholm and enjoys spending time teaching his daughter how to become a successful Ghostbuster.

Find Daniel on Vine @DanielOjanlatva, on Instagram @danielojanlatva, and on Twitter @danielojanlatva