Ginger Port





Hello, my name is Ginger Port. I am a sixteen-year-old high school student and since I was three years old, I’ve beenĀ in love with film, photography, and art. About two years ago, I started taking my passion for the visual arts more seriously, and began to photograph my friends, models, and actors; I also joined an arts academy at my school called the Academy of Visual and Performing Arts. In this program, we learn about the technical, creative, and social aspects of filmmaking, create short films which are screened at Sony Studios, and do smaller projects such as documentaries or music videos throughout the year. I have been shooting and editing videos for two years. I am constantly inspired by people, places, sounds, and objects, which I like to express through my work. I am looking forward to further endeavors in the world of film, collaborating with all kinds of people, and creating art that can change lives.