Gwyn is a rising star on Vine; she uses the unusual tools around her to make stop motion vines. At the age of 13 she began shooting stop motion as a way to overcome social awkwardness. Gwyn has two different colored eyes, her right eye is brown, her left eye is bright blue, no pupil and completely blind. In many ways she replaced her left eye with a camera lens. Photographing and filming has allowed her to see the beauty and possibility in life. Gwyn is a visual wizard, using her hands to turn the moon into the sun, move boats through the bay, and make a small child leap into a suitcase and magically walk out of a nearby closet. Gwyn has created Vines for brands such as Universal, Hotwheels, Cartoon Network, Aquafina, and Lego.

Find Gwyn on Instagram @gwyn_ab, on Vine @GwynAB and @GwynStopMotion, on Twitter @GwynAB