Hana Haley




Hana was born and raised in Portland, Oregon and began taking photos on a 1970 pentax film camera when she was 16. It was then that she discovered her love of fashion photography which led to an obsession with filmmaking. In preparation for directing, Hana completed an acting intensive program in the Meisner technique and learned to direct herself and other actors. Though Hana never attended film or photography school her photographs and short fashion films were discovered online and early on she became an internet darling on tumblr and flickr. “I’m in love with the stillness of things. Themes I love to focus on in my work are mystery, poetry, and emotion. My favorite films are Virgin Suicides, Blue Valentine and Heavenly Creatures, there’s clearly a theme”.

Hana’s work has been featured in Slenderbread, Nido Deutsch, Thistle, La Vida Elegante and Pony Anarchy. Hana recently finished shooting stills for Random House, Solestruck, The Loved One, Casper & Pearl and numerous fashion stores in San Francisco and LA.

What has your worst work experience been?

“Shooting an editorial piece and having the fire department called for lighting a smoke bomb under an old woman’s window”.

Who do you most idolize?

“My grandfather who only owned one sweater and two pairs of shoes”.

Have you ever gotten in trouble with the law?

“Just for drinking cherry schnapps in computer class in the 7th grade, they really called the cops ;P”.



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