Hope Farley Bio

Born in Indiana and raised in Michigan, Hope Farley's love for the chaos of production was born in the theater. After completing her studies at the University of Michigan in 1998, she moved to Los Angeles to find her success. Instead, she found herself producing a play with a negative budget where, daily, everything that could go wrong did. She was hooked. Instead of running for the hills, she took her production band to New York City, producing an off broadway show called 'Interviews with the Clown'. Upon returning to LA, Hope settled comfortably into the less chaotic world of commercial production. Her first gig, at powerhouse production company @radical media, lasted for 6 years. In that time she worked in both the sales and production departments. Following her successful run there, Hope struck out into the Freelance world. In the nearly 9 years since leaving @radicalmedia, Hope has produced commercials and web content for the greatest production companies and directors in the business. She brings to Adolescent a calm within the storm attitude with an immense knowledge of and passion for the art of filmmaking. Hope is Executive Producer of Adolescent; she is a creative producer for the directors and helps them to achieve their vision on each project. She works in the classic European Style, bidding each job and then taking the project into production as the line producer. Hope is on every conference call, in each PPM and on the shoots.