Jake Matos




Jake Matos is a young filmmaker from Portland, Oregon. He began his career acting in friends’ films at a young age. He soon realized he was much more interested working behind the camera in every aspect, from directing, cinematography, editing, etc. In his early years, Jake worked multiple jobs to obtain all his own film equipment. He has networked with multiple managements and small record companies creating visually captivating, story driven music videos for artists around the globe. Having hands on experience in nearly every part of the creative process, Jake has, and continues to hone his aesthetic tastes, bringing images to life through kinetic cinematography, unique colors, and creative story lines.

With a decently large social media following, in particular instagram, Jake has a fan base that helps and critiques his work, pushing him to always create better content. Currently working on a small feature film , produced by James Franco and Rabbit Bandini Productions, Jake is also preparing to shoot his first web series for AdolescentTV network, he aims to direct enticing original work for brand commercials and music video clients. Jake is a self motivated individual who sets out to complete and excel in complicated projects.