Joji Baratelli





Joji Baratelli is a 17 year old filmmaker and photographer from Los Angeles.
Although he cultivated a passion for fine arts at an early age, his current full-fledged pursuit of the photographic arts began at age 13, when he found his dad’s old SLR that had been lying in a closet. After a few years of teaching himself the basics of digital and analogue photography, he was introduced to film as an artform, and has since developed a keen passion for the craft—in theory and practice. Now, he prides himself as an avid lover of European art-house cinema and an auteur connoisseur, of which Godard, Fellini, Kubrick and Tarkovsky rank in his favorites, while the likes of Cartier-Bresson and Capa inspire his still work. This love and passion for both mediums has lead to a number of visually motivated and humanist short films over the last couple years; his documentaries and narratives have played in the high school film festival circuit in LA, and have even garnered a couple of awards. Now he has begun the next stage of his career as a contributing director at Adolescent.