Kelsey Anonsen, first and foremost, is a real person. When she’s not doing one thing, you can find her doing something else. Hailing from one place, she now resides in another. Her passions include this and that, but her main passion is the one that interests you the most. She believes strongly that things happen.

Besides performing and directing, Kelsey’s other passion is writing, creating everything from short fiction, to comedy sketches and branded content, to TV shows and features.

She discovered Vine, and now talks to it on her phone, which people really like. She’s always looking to produce thoughtful, entertaining and engaging work. Making people laugh and think is something that brings her endless joy. Now she’s here with Adolescent, hoping to make her bio more impressive.

Find Kelsey on Vine @KelseyTaylor, find her on Instagram and Twitter @kelseyanonsen