Lily Eliana




Lily Eliana is 16 a year old director/photographer who was born in New York and raised in Los Angeles, CA. Lily started taking photos when she was 11 on her mom’s iPhone. She spent hours in her garden photographing raindrops on flower petals, and fallen leaves on the grass. Lily soon moved from photographing her garden to her friends, she found that she could capture the most real moments when she was with her friends. “I just loved that with only a click of a button I could save a moment and remember it for ever.”  Soon after Lily got a digital camera for her 12 birthday, she stumbled upon the ability to capture video with her camera. “I discovered how much more amazing it is that you can capture a moving moment, it was even better than a still photo. Even though I still love taking photos, I just love capturing moving moments.” Since she was little Lily had also loved making up stories in her head and video finally gave her the opportunity to make something more of those stories.

Lily has developed a body of work that that speaks to the everyday, yet magical life of teenagers. Following skateboarders, surfers, tween girls, her family and best friends, Lily captures the most real and authentic moments that adults are not privy to. “If I where to describe my style of work in four words they would be, youth, hopeful, imaginative, and free.”