Maddie White




Maddie White grew up living between the free-spirited Australian wilds and the film-
saturated environment of Malibu, California. There she discovered a love for filmmaking and developed a strong sense of her artistic ideals. She first picked up a camera at age 9 determined to make a better film than her director dad, Alan White. Since then she as developed her own unique style that stems from a love of the outdoors, and a great appreciation for aesthetic. She is interested in the potential of film to convey the stories of those with unique experience that would otherwise go unheard, and the external portrayal of uniquely internal emotion.

She produced, directed, and edited a short documentary titled “Perception”, which premiered at the Independent Filmmakers Showcase in Los Angeles. Other work worth talking about was a short film, “Flight School”, which explores how the female form is obscured by modern media.