Maris Jones Vine videos are visionary and extremely creative; she has a dedicated following. Growing up in an artistic family in Philadelphia, Maris Jones has been making video content for as long as she can remember. Instead of playing outside with the rest of the neighborhood kids, she was begging whoever she could to act in her latest video creation.

Maris recently graduated Ithaca college for video production. Since finishing her studies she has discovered the six second platform Vine and the power of social media. Maris has developed a strong creative vision  by combining contemporary trends with  her love of classic film, art, and music. This has created a unique commentary on today’s pop culture.

She also recently produced and edited her first short fiction film titled “Door to Door” which will premier at film festivals soon. When she is not making video content, you can find her DJing at the top clubs in NY.

She is currently based in Brooklyn, NY.

Find Maris on Instagram @themarisjones or on Vine @Maris Jones


Shorty Award #1
Shorty Award #2
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