Russell Wyatt Roberts is an aspiring stop-motion filmmaker located in Perth, Western Australia. His difficulty to communicate up to the age of 7 lead him to develop a deep & immersive imagination. At the age of 11, Russell was the youngest artist in Western Australia to have a public solo art exhibition for his visual art work.

Teaching himself the craft of film-making, Russell become obsessed with the visual medium of storytelling. Pestering his school friends to star in his films, building puppet monsters out of latex and stealing his step-father’s camera to shoot them over the weekends. He continued to expand his knowledge of film during his High School Media course. Russell has since proved himself as a recognized filmmaker with his first two short films ‘Pure Steel’ & ’Color’ both being nominated by multiple of international film festivals. ‘Color’ has won three awards in the U.S including ‘Best International Student Film’ at the San Luis Obispo International Film Festival. It has also recently been screened on Australian television.

His Vine work has received top-accolades from some of the biggest stop-motion animators in the Vine community and has spawned thousands of hits. Russell’s stop-motions have startled even the most technically, keen-eye viewer with there optical ingenuity.

Find Russel on Instagram @rwrfilms or on Vine @RussellWyattRob