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Sita McVay was born in 1998, the youngest of 7 children, in a small town in Arkansas. When she was ten years old, her older sister began taking photographs of her.  Sita became envious because she wanted to be the one taking photos. So she’d steal her sister’s camera and run off to take pictures of flowers and the sunset; shooting little videos of bugs and birds. “I absolutely fell in love with capturing images from then on. I was so intrigued by the way I could use my imagination and express emotion through an image.  And the whole idea of being able to create and capture so much beauty was amazing to me. That’s mostly what I try to focus on now while shooting and to just try to make something that’s raw and innocent and makes you really feel and think. That’s my main goal”.

By the time Sita was 11 years old, she was photographing everyday and had accumulated one of the largest Flickr followings.  Now, four years later Sita has developed a body of work that is considered to be one of the great seminol documentations of youth.  According to Courtney Eldridge of the Saccades Project “Honestly, I can’t think of an adult photographer who is half as capable of capturing the true heart of childhood, the mysteries outside an upstairs window, the shadows of older siblings, the cat-and-mouse games played with Mother Nature, herself, and the endless magic in a girl’s backyard. Her animals. Her bedroom. Her diary. Her daydreams. And the confessions a girl shares only with her handlebars.”

Sita Marie has been called a prodigy, and she is, we agree. She is a most extraordinary girl, truly. But if you know her and her photography, really, she’s just Sita, “at the beginning of my journey, quirky and ambitious, in love with beauty and the act of creation, trying my best to work and learn as much as I can, terribly excited and looking forward to whatever happens in my future.”

What inspires you, in general?

Music, above all. A lot of Bon Iver, and Iron and Wine, Michael Jackson, my mother, lovely things, like nature and such. I like going on long bike rides down dirt roads and just thinking about things. It always inspires me to take more photos and write and things like that.

Do you prefer taking pictures of yourself or others?

Both. I enjoy taking photos of myself because if I have an image in my head, or a feeling I want to express through the photo, it’s a lot quicker to get out by taking them of myself. But I definitely find it easier to take them of others, because you can try different angles and such without needing to go move the tripod every couple shots.

How do you balance work and school?

A big part of who I am comes from that I was raised being homeschooled and still have never stepped foot in a classroom, which I think has been one of the best decisions made for me. It’s given me the opportunity to really learn and be educated about things that fascinate me, figure out what my style is, made me learn to be more independent which I think is very important and even more importantly; helped me discover and truly love art more than anything.

Favorite photographers:

Eleanor Hardwicke, Mike Bailey Gates, Alexis Mire, Laurence, Nikki DeCarlo and Elena Marshall

Young photographers who most inspire you now?

Haha, I’m inspired by any photographer younger than me.

Artist’s playlist:

Bon Iver, Neon Indian, Iron & Wine, Cloud Cult, Bob Marley, The Postal Service, Jack Johnson, Feist, Tom Felton, Regina Spektor, Coconut Records, Trevor Hall, The Beatles, Iron & Wine

What do you hope others will see, if anything? Their experience of your photography?

I just want to inspire people. When they tell me I do, I’m beyond happy.



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