Tajana Dedić-Starović





Tajana Dedić-Starović (1993.) is glitter lover, pornographer, and self-explorer. Her artistic pseudonym is Artist At Camera. Lover of women’s body and colour pink. Sugar, spice and everything nice are her favorite things. Besides femininity and sexuality, Tajana also explores everyday situations and daily routines presented in completely distorted ways. Nowadays issues are things that concern her the most. Photography is a great medium to document our reality, but it is beautiful that we can arrange reality the way we want. Using different sceneries, human models, ordinary objects and, finally, herself, Tajana creates unique, arranged and frequently absurd, realities, one whole new world. During the creative thinking and process, from the beginning, until now, she has always preferred to do unusual and intriguingly things. The main affinities that she has right now are mostly connected to self-feelings in reality; Artist is the main subject in most of work, but also femininity and position of woman in gender dissected world and different psychological constructs. In spare time, when she doesn’t carry around her camera, Tajana studies Psychology.