True Jackson




True Jackson is a seventeen year-old director whose interests include animation, music and film. True was exposed to his interests at a young age. He began drumming at the age of three, and loved watching shows and movies, especially ones that had exciting music and animation. True first began attempting to make flip book animations in the 3rd grade. It was so difficult for him to make them, so he resorted to creating comic illustrations and stories. Three years passed and True was eventually led into making two-dimensional animations on a computer, many of which were uploaded to YouTube.

True partnered with Adolescent at the age of fourteen, and began working on several different professional projects, most of which involved animation. True is currently working on finishing a web series that he has had in development now for five years.
True’s hobbies include: working, playing videogames, thinking and riding his skateboard. True’s favorite movies are: Ponyo, Princess Mononoke, PeeWee Herman’s Big adventure, The Matrix, Laputa, The Castle in the Sky, and The Incredibles.
Instagram: @true_jacksusansama

True’s favorite commercials are the Direct Tv: Get Rid of Cable series.

True has won trophies for his animations online and has created two animated promos for a video game company. True hopes that his animations will reach other teenagers and young adults internationally. He also plans to direct his own animated series.

Find True on Instagram @true_jackusansama or on Twitter @jackrabbit1999