5 Ways to Use TikTok for Business

October 30, 2020

By Katherine Williams

With social media being a driving force behind Generation-Z culture, it’s no surprise that TikTok has skyrocketed in popularity. About 41% of the app’s 800 million users are in the 16-24 age range, meaning that TikTok has enormous power in reaching the Gen-Z age demographic. The app contains hundreds of millions of videos, so naturally it can be overwhelming to try to approach TikTok from a business perspective. However, there are a few strategies you can use on TikTok to amplify your brand’s mission and connect with more users.

1. Incorporate personal branding.

Gen Z responds to businesses that are person-driven. Due to the rise of influencers and Instagram fame, Gen Z wants to digitally engage with people, not companies. To that end, incorporate personal branding into your business’s TikTok. Does your brand have a cool founder? A social media-savvy intern? Give your TikTok a face, and Gen Z will love it. People make TikTok feel more real, and authenticity is extremely important to Gen Z.

2. Show off your products.

What’s different about TikTok in comparison to a traditional website or other social media is that brands can show off their products and services in a more engaging, interactive way. Selling an item? Share video clips from different angles! Spreading the word about a service you’re offering? Tell a story! TikTok offers a unique space to show off what your business is creating.

3. Show the process.

TikTok is an amazing platform for sharing the process of making a product, as the video format allows brands to create a narrative while still keeping the attention of users. Breaking down the process of how a product is made or giving a behind-the-scenes tour of any aspect of your business will draw users in, especially Gen Zers, who value transparency and connection with a brand. On a small business level, this could look like filming the process of making an upcycled item. However, this also applies to larger brands with videos that show the process of how your product or service is created.

4. Participate in trends.

TikTok has no shortage of trends. New dances and sounds go viral within a few days, so it’s important to pay attention to what’s constantly trending on TikTok. What drives TikTok is virality, so doing a fun new dance routine or lip-syncing to a new sound is a great way to reach a larger audience. TikTok users love the relatability and connectivity of the app, so showing that you’re in the know is a great way to engage with more users.

5. Find your niche.

Most importantly, finding a niche is the key to using TikTok for business. Subsets of TikTok users love everything from color-customized day-in-the-life vlogs to barista videos set to jazz music. Gen Z especially prioritizes individuality and creativity, and there’s a place for everyone on TikTok. Staying true to your business values and showing them off in a fun and creative way is key when using TikTok for business.

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