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Connecting With Gen Z Online Through Social Media

February 01, 2023

Connecting with Gen Z

One thing Gen Z likes is variety. With short attention spans, this generation uses many social media platforms throughout the day - more than other age groups. If you are a company trying to connect with Gen Z online, you need to make sure to properly leverage each social media platform for the best results.

Companies should never ignore Gen Z and the billions of dollars in purchasing power this generation adds to the market. It’s always smart to work with a content and marketing company that understands how to best connect with Gen Z audiences.

How Gen Z uses social media

Millennials and older generations mostly use social media to connect with friends and family and provide updates on their lives. Gen Z, however, takes a more savvy approach to social media. They love to use platforms to share brands they like and get ideas of what to buy - or not to buy - from trusted influencers and creators. They also tend to use social media more often, usually whenever they have a spare moment.

About 82 percent of Gen Z consumers reported they use social media to inform their decisions. Knowing how to connect with Gen Z on different platforms is key for brands, and Adolescent Content can help.


Over half of TikTok users are Gen Z, and most Gen Z users do not view ads or marketing videos on TikTok as annoyances, as many older generations believe. Instead, they think TikTok is a valuable tool to learn about new brands and see new offerings from brands they are already loyal to.

Videos are a top way that Gen Z connects with one another and the rest of the world. Videos can’t be generic, though. They need to be authentic, entertaining, and attention-grabbing right out of the gate. Otherwise, you can bet that Gen Z users will quickly scroll right by to the next video that piques their interest.

TikTok also has many “trends” that catch the attention of Gen Z users. By using these trends, it is an authentic way to connect with Gen Z who is also participating in the trends.


IG is probably the second-most popular social media platform for Gen Z. However, simply posting photos to an Instagram page won’t necessarily be effective for Gen Z users. Surveys show that Gen Z prefers reels or video stories to other content on IG - especially when it comes to ads. Reels or stories are more eye-catching and interesting to this audience, which gives you a better chance at true connection.

Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter

These might be the lesser effective platforms to reach Gen Z, but having the right campaign on each platform can’t necessarily hurt. You need to tailor your marketing to each platform. For example, Gen Z might use LinkedIn to boost their careers and are interested in seeing content relating to their professional opportunities.

Seek Help from Our Gen Z Marketing Team

Adolescent Content knows what Gen Z wants inside and out. Reach out to learn more about how we can help you connect with Gen Z in a meaningful and effective way to boost your brand.