GenZ Content Studio for Social Media
Content Studio for Gen Z Advertisers

We're Gen Z.

We’re here, we’re bold, and we might confound you.

If you’re a brand, you know how important we are, but you may have had a hard time connecting with us. You’re not alone.

We’re not like previous consumers. We’ve been molded by the digital age. We’re hyperconnected and care about the world around us. And we crave things that other generations haven’t demanded from brands.

What do we crave?

  • Truth-telling

  • Authenticity

  • Relationship-building

  • Inclusion

  • Accountability

  • Unity

  • Humor

  • Meaningful values

  • Creativity

  • Entertainment

It’s not all that hard to be real, but brand messages have been hijacked by the slick messaging of marketing past. We are the skeptic generation and those messages that may have worked for previous generations just don’t work for us. Fact: according to consumer reports about us, 70% of us fact-check a brand’s messaging and will make a quick exit if we think we’re being lied to.

A New Brand of Content

At Adolescent Content, we’re the new wave of storytellers. We’re truthtellers, changemakers, digital troubadours. We weave content that is impactful, visual, authentic, and dedicated to the voices and lifestyle of Gen Z, BIPOC and LGBTQ+ audiences. This is the kind of relationship-building that connects us and connects with us.

What is content designed for Gen Z?

We’re a visual and distractible bunch, and our relationship with brands is a complicated one. Brand driving with us requires pulling different levers. We don’t just buy products, we make connections around them.

Your content needs to grab us fast. We want entertaining video-first content that shares the images, stories, and issues we care about. And while we like substance, we want to be entertained while we consume it. Otherwise, it’s just so much extra noise in a noisy world.

At Adolescent Content, our content studio creates the stuff that Gen Z longs for. We create stories and visuals that grab and hold our peer’s focus. Social media that ignites. Videos that entertain. Our creators span the globe to bring your brand and your message fresh insight into our world. We provide a doorway into our tribe and invite you in.

Who We Are

At Adolescent Content, our work is very personal to us. We are a Black and female-founded creative hive that was developed to create pathways for young, BIPOC, and LGBTQ+ creators to enter the advertising and entertainment industries. We can produce a single TikTok for you or a large scale 360 degree campaign with highly produced digital commercials.

We work with the finest crews in the industries and we represent some of the best young directors and photographers from around the world, including multi-talented filmmakers, creative directors, visual makers with extensive backgrounds in social media, videography, art, and photography. Our creative team designs and develops high-quality video, stills, and writing for clients who need our specific talents and insight and want to reach our diverse young audience.

Our content creators know how to connect with Gen Z, BIPOC and LGBTQ+ audiences because that is who we are. We know what makes youth tick and how to tell your story in a way that we can connect with.

Where Does Gen Z Get Our Content?

Gen Z spends our free time online, and we consume content in a totally different way than our predecessors. We want content that is

  • Visual

  • Diverse

  • Fast-moving

  • Interactive

  • Socially engaging

  • Funny

  • Values-driven

  • Responsive to us

Those videos we watch? The social media we are constantly checking out? The content we consume? The influencers we follow? They’re like our family.

Our influencers are not slick celebrity-types. They are nano influencers. They are people of influence. They look like us. They talk like us. They have the same vibe, values, and social concerns. They make us laugh. They make us care. Content for us is all about tribe-building, not selling. Your brand message will need to get our attention at a very real level and maintain that honesty.

Telling Your Story in a Way That Connects

Our generation is a force, and we have the unity, community, tools, and vision to make or break brands. But right now, less than 10% of Gen Zers feel understood by the brands on the market. At Adolescent Content, our goal is to create content to make your message something we care about, identify with, and want to pay attention to.

If you’re looking to connect with us, your brand needs a storyteller with insider insight. Just like our generation, the young creative team at Adolescent Content is talented, diverse, smart, and authentic. Our content creators are racially and gender-diverse and socially fluent, just like the world we live in. We will tell your story in a way that gets the attention that you’re looking for. Let our content studio create something for you from the Gen Z perspective. Go ahead. Contact us. You just might be surprised.