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At Adolescent Content, we are a Black and female-founded global Gen Z media company. Our network of Gen Z brand creatives use innovation and authenticity to help you tell the stories around your brand that your users want to hear. We are the new storytellers. Let us help you tell yours.

Know Your Audience

Who is Gen Z? We know, we hate labels too. We aren’t “those” labels that traditional marketers want to pin on us. We are a global resonance. When you think you understand us, we will morph. Hard to pin down, huh? That’s why your marketing can’t use traditional marketing tactics. It’s slow, it’s phony, it’s ex-clu-sive, not in-clu-sive. All the things that Gen Z isn’t.

Take a look at who we are. According to our recent research study:

  • We’re more racially and ethnically diverse than any other generation

  • We’re more educated

  • We see societal change as a good thing

  • We’re comfortable with different gender identities and roles

  • We’re activists

  • We’re financially responsible

  • We care about our world

  • We get most of our information via our “devices”

  • We’re just as engaged with user-produced content as professionally produced content

  • And we spend nearly $44 billion each year

Just like Gen Z, the creators at Adolescent Content are inclusive and represent our world’s diversity. Our creators are 85 percent female-identifying, BIPOC, and LGBTQ+. We grew up online and we transform it daily by our very presence. If you’re missing our demographic, then you’re not speaking our language or showing up in the right places. Let us help.

Gen Z Ad Agency Run By Gen Z Creatives

At Adolescent Content, we believe that content for Gen Z should be created by Gen Z, and that’s exactly who we are and what we do. Informed by our research team of youth creatives, we develop a complete 360 campaign strategy for your advertising, social, and entertainment campaigns. Then we test it out within that network of respondents to make sure it hits its mark.

We don’t just build out your brand advertising and content creation. We build relationships with your users. With Gen Z, the strength of your marketing depends on how you develop an authentic conversation with us. Because of this, we don’t just think of marketing in selling terms, we think of it as a give-and-take relationship. When we care, you stand out in our never-ending sea of distractions. And that is no small feat.

Brand Storytelling

We don’t like a hard sell. Gen Z doesn’t want slick ad agency pitches. We just scroll by that stuff. But snag us with something authentic and creative, and you’ve got an audience.

Gen Z wants creative storytelling that ignites us, entertains us, and makes us laugh. We want to engage with things we care about and use products that have a story that gains our trust and that gets what we’re about. At Adolescent Content, we are the next wave of brand storytellers just waiting to tell yours.

Campaigns That Connect

Gen Z is all about being authentic and the connection that comes with that honesty. So where does all this truth-telling come from? For Gen Z, it can roll with the flavor of the moment. A couple years can be a digital lifetime. YouTube promotions and Instagram are old standbys now and nobody heard of TikTok a few years ago.

At Adolescent Content, our 360 campaigns can help you hit the most relevant and trending channels in the most unique and authentic way so you’re building a relationship with your Gen Z audience, not just trying to sell us something. Gen Zers understand this innately. We want to see content and products that reflect us and our life experience. At Adolescent Content, we will help you harness this power.

How To Reach Gen Z.

Here are some tactics you can use right away to reach Gen Z.

Personalize Your Messages: Adjust to Gen Z wants and buying habits to meet them where they are. We can generalize about a demographic, but Gen Z is a collection of highly diverse individuals. If you understand and target Gen Z in a personalized manner based on culture, values, attitudes, and lifestyle, you’ll likely outperform your competition.

Use Micro or nano Influencers: Gen Z buys from people they trust and many of them follow influencers on social media. You don’t have to use expensive, big names. We’re witnessing the rise of micro-influencers — those who have less than 50,000 followers — who can be as or more effective than big names. When they authentically represent your brand, influencers allow you to leverage your marketing spend in a significant way.

Shut up and Let Gen Z Talk: Create ways to connect with Gen Z customers and gather feedback and comments from them. Gen Z wants to be heard. Be agile and incorporate their insightful suggestions. Gen Z will appreciate and give their business to brands that hear them and continually provide value.

Stand for Something: Be bold about your company values. You don’t have to be a superbrand to fight for something just. Neither do you need to have all the answers or be perfect in your response to, say, supply chain issues. Transparency is best. Share with Gen Z your triumphs and your challenges. They appreciate knowing you are trying while so many other companies do nothing.

Gen Z is poised to be the next influential generation of shoppers. Speak authentically to this generation and they will reward you with their business. Connect with them in a genuine way and hire Gen Z creatives. Brands that are able to do this successfully will foster connections with loyal Gen Z customers this holiday season and beyond.

For more information about how we can help you reach GenZ contact Adolescent.