At Adolescent we work with the brightest young directors and photographers on the planet. These creators and pushing the limits of creativity for teen and college marketing. We are considered one of the top college marketing agencies and one of the leaders in marketing to teenagers. Our unique approach of working with teens and youth to create content for their own audience is what sets us apart. Our tagline: for youth by youth embodies our belief that content created for teen marketing should be created by teens. It is has been proven that teenagers in high school look to their peers for product recommendations and lifestyle decisions rather than advertising content.

We work with brands and agencies to develop the best content to reach their target audience. We drive brand awareness with brand ambassador programs, strategic social media marketing, digital marketing, peer to peer marketing strategies and mobile marketing programs. Students who are in high school look to their peers on social media to make purchase decisions. Our directors and photographers specialize in creating content for Instagram marketing and advertising, Snapchat marketing and advertising and YouTube marketing and advertising.

Marketing to teens, youth and generation z is now more important than ever. Gen Z have a spending power of $250 billion. Every marketing and advertising campaign should now include reaching the coveted and powerful Gen Z consumer audience. Teens between the ages of 13-15 (or Gen Z teens) are more connected on social media and in tune with technology than any generation before them. We provide insights into the teen Gen Z digital preferences and content consumption habits and apply this to teen marketing and our college marketing agency.


Commercial Projects

We help you get paid to to ideate, direct, write and photograph creative content for the biggest brands in the world.


Our experienced team helps you build your career and navigate all aspects as you grow creatively. We work with directors, photographers, writers and influencers.


When you join Adolescent you are joining a global community of young people who are a creative family with  integrity and vision that are changing the face of media.

Brand Opportunities

We work on securing you opportunities with brands that we specifically target for you, brands you may love or dream to work with. Platform

Our online platform is all content made by youth for youth. This is an exciting place where you can test and grow your talents. We offer micro-grants to Creators to make content that they are passionate about.

Entertainment Opportunities

We work with you to fund and develop your brilliant film and tv creations and give you opportunities to pitch to studios.