Aicha Cherif

Aicha Cherif is a director based in NYC. She is passionate about social justice, culture, and people. She is a breath of fresh air, bringing a young, diverse, and unique perspective to all of her projects. At a young age, Aicha came to the United States fleeing from gender-based violence in her home country Guinea, West Africa. This background has made Aicha a tireless advocate for human rights and women’s issues. Her directorial debut *Cut* received the Global Impact Award at the Girl Impact The World Film Festival. The documentary sheds light on Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in Guinea and America. In 2017, Aicha was accepted to be a Tribeca Film Fellow. There she directed her second short film, *I Am The Only One* exploring the effects of family separation on her relationship with her mother. Since then Aicha has directed commercial work for Nike, Snapchat, Vivian Attire, and more. She creates art that comes from the soul and hopes to move people with her work while having a long-lasting effect on culture.
Nike : Create Yourself
LG : Through Her Lens
I Am The Only One
Manchado : Como La Flor