Courtland Myles

Courtland Myles is a creative director and photographer from Hammond, Louisiana. He’s currently based in Baton Rouge where he goes to school for Fine Arts with a concentration in Film. Filmmaking & becoming a director is his ultimate goal, but he finds joy in expressing himself through photography as well. Courtland spends times shooting campigns for brands from original ideas that he comes up with, and other times he simply chooses to shoot whatever is inspiring him at the moment. Courtland is a storyteller, and though he uses photography to express himself like that at the moment, he does plan on transcending into the filmmaking world at some point. Courtland has long had a passion for fashion, film, and sports for a long time now. His first time picking up a camera was June 2020 where his journey started as a photographer and creative director, and since then he’s been blessed to have been featured in two national magazines. 1. Moevir Paris Fashion Magazine, DEC 2021, and 2. 1723 Magazine, May issue.
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