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Ella Janes
Ella Janes was born in Los Angeles with a prime view of the Hollywood sign out of the hospital window. The rest history. From age 4, Ella knew in her heart that directing was her destiny. Her first stage play was a “complete failure” by her standards as only one of the actors turned up to perform. All Ella could think about, however, was how she was going to make her next show even better. “Can I start an acting class for my friends,” she asked her mother. Ella was 5 year old. At age 7, she taught herself Premiere and created a short fan film that has over 2.4 million views on Youtube. She will tell you it was great storytelling and her SEO that made that magic happen. A prolific writer and avid storyteller, Ella dedicates her free time to creating fantasy worlds and writing hard hitting content about topics that move her, such as gun control and global warming. She is passionate about being on set and bringing out the best in everyone she works with.
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