Jo Gaffney
Director | Photographer
Jo Gaffney is an eighteen-year-old Director/Photographer from Vancouver, BC Canada, who self-identifies as queer. The film is something that has been apart of her life since she was a little girl, tagging along with her actor parents to set frequently, and has been working on set (in the camera department) since she was 15. She has produced 12 short films over the past two years, which have been featured in various festivals and have received a variety of prizes. With her body of work, she hopes to show the world LGBTQ stories, lots of colors, and Giallo-esque shots.
Clear Genius
Short Film
Out All Night
Short Film
Rabbit Hole
Music Video
Hurt, Luv! - Devyn Grace
Short Film
Short Film
Candy Hearts
Short Film
Short Film
Natural Beauty
Photo Work
Photography 2021