Maria Mejia
Director | Photographer
Maria Mejia is a photographer and cinematographer from Dominican Republic. She works with fashion, advertising, product photography and portraits. When it comes to Maria’s personal view she always emphasizes in inclusivity, romantic feeling and femininity. As a woman she knows the importance in having safe spaces in the industry, so she is always aware on how to manage the relationship with everyone on set, and every shoot must be an uplifting experience to those involved, specially when there are models. And that trust reflects on every work of her, making it palpable on the sensitivity of the photos. Maria started taking pictures by the age 13, she kept her teenage years shooting friends and working as assistant to photographers. By 2016 at the age of 20 she graduated from her Associates Degree in Photography and started working in the film industry right away as 2AC. After a year she moved to the advertising industry, working in agencies and as freelancer she maintains her portraiture and fashion photography career. It is important to highlight her film project along with another Dominican Filmmaker Geraldine Rivera, their project is called Those____Girls (@those____girls) and is a Production Home for indie films in advertising, fashion and entertainment.
Portrait of Angie
EVAS Garden
BMFH Pillow
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