Molly Smith

Molly Smith is a 19 year old writer and filmmaker. Molly’s voice and vision speak from her passion as a vocal member of Gen Z who sees their unique perspective as the future of film and media. Bold and unafraid to tackle difficult subjects, Molly’s film “I Don’t Know” tackled the issue of race in America, winning festivals across the country. Her film “Dear America” voiced the frustration of her generation on the heels of the Parkland, FL school shooting and garnered national attention, a National Student Production Emmy in the PSA category, and the National Coalition Against Censorship’s Youth Free Expression award. She has continued to challenge norms, raise awareness and evoke empathy through powerful short narratives. Her goal is always to use strong imagery and the spoken word to tell stories which spark conversations and change perspectives. A storyteller first and foremost, Molly’s writing has been recognized with two Scholastic National Gold Medals, a top playwright under 24 designation from the Be Original Theatre Festival, and a National Student Production Emmy in the writing craft category. Molly was named a 2020 Cameron Impact Scholar by the Bryan Cameron Education Foundation and attends Yale University studying writing and film.
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