Sita McVay

Sita McVay was born in 1998 in a small town in Arkansas, the youngest of seven children. When she was ten years old, her older sister began taking photographs of her. Sita, wanting instead to be the one taking photos, would steal her sister’s camera and run off to take self portraits in the fields surrounding her home, using boxes and stacking sticks and leaves to use as a tripod. “I absolutely fell in love with capturing images from then on. I was so intrigued by the way I could use my imagination and express emotion through an image. The whole idea of being able to create and capture so much beauty was amazing to me. That’s mostly what I try to focus on now while shooting and to just try to make something that’s raw and makes you really feel something. That’s my main goal”. By the time Sita was 11 years old, she was photographing every day and had accumulated one of the largest Flickr followings. In the following years, Sita developed a body of work that is now considered to be one of the great seminal documentations of youth. Sita has been called a prodigy, and we agree. She is truly extraordinary. But if you really get to know Sita and her photography, she’s just Sita, “at the beginning of my journey, quirky and ambitious, in love with beauty and the act of creation, trying my best to work and learn as much as I can, and looking forward to whatever happens in my future.
Selected Works