Sol Bela Mele
Director | Photographer
Sol Bela is a photographer based in Barcelona. Her roots are in Equatorial Guinea despite having spent more than half of her life in Spain. Sol Bela's work was born due to the underrepresentation of black referents in the media while growing up in the diaspora;her photography reflects her own story, her surroundings, her blackness and her struggle. Sol Bela has worked with brands such as Adobe, Getty Images, Dove and Polaroid Originals. Her work has been featured in Vogue and Paper Magazine.
Beats by Dre
We Inside
Short Film
Dear Sister
Monthly Ritual
Short Film
Black Hair Alphabet
Lacoste x Polaroid
Beats By Dre
Polaroid Originals
Selected Work
Adidas x Sivasdescalzo
Getty Images