Sophie May

Sophie May is a freelance Film Director and Illustrator. Like most millennials Sophie floats freely between two realms of creative work and that’s how she likes it. Through film Sophie has worked with multinational companies such as Clearblue and Converse. Her Illustration work has followed a more local thread; in October Sophie’s illustrated map of speciality coffee bars in Brussels was released in coffee bars throughout the city and brought together a rich and buzzing coffee community in a time of great uncertainty. Sophie's personal works aim to challenge a broad range of stereotypes, often focusing on sexuality and the female experience. But she is not limited to one genre of work, this September Sophie completed an in depth architectural documentary about Hotel Thermal, a Brutalist building in the Czech Republic. This film is now making its way through the festival circuit. Aside from these interests Sophie is deeply concerned and occupied by matters of the environment and the future of the planet; this is something she wants to target more directly through all of her creative work. As Corona continues to reap fear and uncertainty across the globe, Sophie has decided to leave the restraints of city life in exchange for the freedom of life on the road. 2021 will be a year of travel and exploration; Sophie will be working from her mini van, filming, illustrating, surfing, walking and hopefully vlogging too as she travels Europe with her boyfriend.
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