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Digital Platform by GenZ for GenZ

Here at Adolescent Content, we are Gen Z.

We are an advertising and content studio created by and dedicated to the voices of Gen Z BIPOC, and LGBTQ+ audiences and creators. And we have developed a place where we can come together, be ourselves, and share what’s important to us.

We’ve been called many things. The influencer generation. The cancel generation. The TikTok generation. These are just surface labels. What we are is the generation that has turned ordinary on its head while simultaneously returning to common sensibilities.

We care about being true to ourselves despite what society says we should be. We care about truth, authenticity, inclusion, social justice, our planet, and our humanity. That’s some powerful magic, and we have a lot to say about it.

What is Adolescent.Net?

In support of our mission to create content and pathways for our own powerful generation, we have created, a digital platform and online publication that supports our creator community by giving out grants for writers, photographers, filmmakers, graphic designers to make their passion projects and get them published online. is youth led and it’s content for youth. This platform is a reflection of who we are at Adolescent Content, what we care about, and what’s on our minds. We recognize that space is needed for young creators to build their portfolios and share their work and say what’s on our mind and we now have a place to say it.

Saying What Needs to Be Said

Gen Z has come of age in the digital world, and through that, we’re improving the world around us. gives an uncensored place for creative expression – for our interests, our anger, for our hope, and for all the things that affect us each day.

Through our platform specifically created for Gen Z’s brand of visionary talent and collaborations with other impressive Gen Z, we offer a place to experience a myriad of diverse perspectives, voice our concerns, be ourselves, and connect with others just like us. We explore music, art, film, literature, sex, fashion, health, beauty, spirituality, and life in general through our unique eyes. The result is our take on what it means to be young living in the world right now.

On our platform, you will find our unique brand of storytelling and exploration through

  • Written articles of short stories, essays, op-eds

  • Videos and film, including narrative shorts, documentaries, music videos, and how-to’s

  • Photos

  • Art and comics

  • Collaboration with other Gen Z platforms like Crybaby, Lithium, Uniquely Aligned, Muslim, Speciwoman, and others to bring together many voices in one place to reflect the things that are going on in our lives right now.

At Adolescent Content, we have created the space for young creators to get paid to make their work and develop their portfolio. where Gen Z can freely talk about what is really happening in our world and on our minds. Our fully organic viewership receives over 300,000 views each month and continues to increase monthly.

Who is Gen Z?

Want to know how we feel about society, gender, morality, and culture? is a confluence of our opinions and feelings about all these things, woven together by our own hive of Gen Z cultural creatives. If you want and need to connect with us, you need to understand who we are and the issues that we are concerned about. Here at Adolescent Content, we hope to open the door to understanding, connection, and inclusion that is a hallmark of who we are as a generation.