GEN Z Photographers
January 07, 2020

By Hannah Yang

Looking for a Gen-Z photographer? One who knows exactly what now looks like for young people? One who is unafraid, proud, and intent on sharing their story?.

Gen-Z photographers have already made large, notable strides in the world and know what’s perfect for the Gen-Z advertising you need. Take Adolescent creator Myles Loftin, for example, who landed on the Forbes 30 under 30 list of 2020 and has done both editorials and ads, exploring black and queer experiences. Or Lauren Tepfer, another Adolescent creator, who has been featured in multiple magazines and commissioned by companies like Google and Nike. Her images are personal and authentic, exactly what young people are drawn to and the kind of work Adolescent represents.

Adolescent is a youth agency that has a strong and diverse team of Gen-Z creatives and Gen-Z photographers that’s constantly growing. These young photographers thrive on social media, finding new ways to express themselves on platforms like Instagram that have shaped much of Gen-Z media and photography today. Gen-Z creatives are able to directly show off their talent and potential on such platforms, and do so with increasing creativity. As a youth agency, Adolescent focuses on finding this talent and potential, making projects happen. Adolescent is a prime Gen-Z advertising agency that connects individual Gen-Z creatives with larger companies that are looking to communicate with Gen Z.

The best way to communicate with young people is through the perspective of other young people. Gen-Z photographers are who you need to streamline your advertising to catch Gen Z’s eye. Employing young creators has been on the rise, and it works. Large companies like Converse, Calvin Klein, Target, and Crayola have all sought younger creatives—Gen-Z creatives—to appeal to a younger crowd. Gen-Z advertising isn’t something that can be done without the direct input of young creators. Gen-Z advertising is aesthetic-driven, self-conscious, fast, and instinctual. A Gen-Z advertising agency like Adolescent makes genuine, successful outreach to Gen Z easy.

Really, the potential of Gen-Z photographers can’t be overestimated. The democratization of photography in recent years has resulted in one of the more diverse groups of photographers so far. And this diversity shows in the images themselves. Gen Z is turning the camera to their own communities with pride and skill. Photography has always been a form of personal expression, a way to communicate, document, and be seen. Gen Z uses this to take on self-portraits, photo-activism, and the like. A teen’s photography can be just as powerful and universal as that of an experienced artist or legend in terms of advertising.

Perhaps that’s why brands and companies have been so eager to employ teen photographers—they have a fresh eye for what’s beautiful, and they produce work that’s authentic and important, sometimes finely attuned to micro-trends and sometimes wildly experimental and bold. The rise in Gen-Z photography in the professional world is also due to the shifting audience: teens are the ones on social media, and they can tell what feels fake or real, new or old, progressive or not. Fashion brand Opening Ceremony recently showed a collection with photographer Quill Lemons, who took portraits of his friends, including the black, transgender, disabled model Aaron Philip, queer activist Adam Eli, and deaf trans artist Chella Man. Google Pixel collaborated with artist MaryV Benoit, who portrayed chosen and queer families. 24-year-old Tyler Mitchell photographed Beyoncé’s Vogue cover and recently shot a J.W. Anderson campaign.

This is why Gen Z Media can’t easily be replicated or created by anyone but Gen-Z photographers. Adolescent knows this, which is why they’re fully committed to harnessing this talent and unique sensibility to help companies reach young people.

Adolescent creators’ work with brands and companies proves that Gen-Z photographers are the future of imagery, especially in Gen-Z advertising. They are bold, fresh eyes looking where others aren’t, continually challenging photography in new ways. This generation is shaping what we see as beautiful, and it’s looking a lot more inclusive than it did before. We’re invested in portraying our world and our stories. We’re creating the future images, norms, and standards.

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