Gen-Z Trends

October 19, 2021

By: Irine Le

I’d like to give a shoutout to my TikTok For You page for continuously keeping me in the loop with what Generation Z finds trendy now—whether it be food, clothing, television shows, movies, accessories, or even hobbies. With social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, it’s easier than ever to see what’s currently trending or popular with Generation-Z members. Here are some across-the-board trends that Gen Zers have been partaking in recently that are unique and showcase how creative they are.


If the art of crocheting brings to mind an image of a grandma sitting in a rocking chair pulling yarn at a crochet hook, think again. Recently, I’ve been seeing people crocheting everywhere from the subway to park benches. Many teens and young adults on TikTok and YouTube have turned crocheting into a rather cool hobby. Who said crocheting just had to be about making scarves? Gen Zers have shared their creative crochet habits, making strawberry-shaped bucket hats, checkered tote bags, bikini sets, and much more. Generation Z often gets a reputation of being glued to their phone screens, but crocheting provides a wonderful off-screen creative outlet.

Platform shoes

Who doesn’t love an elevated surface? Especially when it comes to shoes. For Generation-Z members this fall, chunky heels are becoming more popular. The platform shoes trend is definitely one of my favorites, partially because I’m 5’3” and I love the two-inch boost my platform Tevas give me. Sure, people are still divided over ugly dad sneakers and chunky Filas, but heeled loafers and sandals have definitely been trendy this year. The classic Doc Martens brand is always in style—whether it be the elevated Jadon boots, classic Mary Janes, or regular boots. Platform loafers are becoming cute again, just in time for fall. 

Y2K revival 

Maybe Generation Z is just staying on track with the 20-year trend cycle with the recent Y2K revival, but Gen Z has been loving the early ‘00s style comeback lately. From mini sunglasses to butterfly clips, the Y2K style revival has been especially nostalgia-inducing since the older Gen-Z members were born in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Baby tees are coming back with this trend, as well as reboots and revivals of shows from this period like The Hills and Gossip Girl. 

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