Generation Alpha Advertising Agency

May 15, 2020

By Haley Chung

Are you looking to expand your reach and target youth? Are you wondering how to reach Generation Alpha? Who are the Generation-Alpha youth anyways?

Generation Alpha is generally understood as the cohort succeeding Generation Z, with people born between 2010 and 2020, and is projected to reach 2.5 billion members by 2025. They’re known as the first demographic group to be immersed in technology from the moment they were born, which means they’ve had significantly different lives than those who came before them. Many businesses are baffled as to how to reach this demographic which is extremely adept at technology and has grown up in the world of influencers, YouTubers, and TikTok.

To understand how to reach Generation Alpha is to understand the realm of social media and where Alpha kids occupy these spaces. Although most social-media sites require users to be over the age of 13, many Alpha kids under that age can still be found on Instagram and TikTok. They’re also turning to YouTube to dictate their buying choices. Ryan ToysReviews is an 8-year-old with over 20 million subscribers, releasing a new toy review every day. His videos are aimed at preschoolers and their parents, and he has significant influence over their purchase habits when it comes to toys. His toy reviews have significantly impacted the toy industry and the way it’s decided to advertise to the Generation-Alpha demographic.

Adolescent is a youth ad agency that helps businesses navigate this unfamiliar territory. As seen by Ryan’s success, Alpha kids are spending less time watching cable television, and as a result, they cannot be reached through traditional means like commercial breaks. With the rise of Generation-Alpha advertising, businesses have started to adapt their marketing strategies in order to better reach this generation. As experts in youth culture, Adolescent creators are always looking to pioneer unconventional methods to reach this unique demographic.

Research shows that Alpha kids want to buy from brands that have a positive impact on the world more than any other demographic, whether that means ethical production or being kind to the planet. Generation Alpha is set to be the most formally educated generation, and they are no longer the traditional consumer who buys items without research. Alpha kids have a different focus and set of values when shopping, and being young consumers themselves, Adolescent creators are fine-tuned to these nuances and buying choices.

In other words, businesses are shifting the way they advertise in order to reach Generation Alpha. With a youth agency like Adolescent, your business can learn how to do the same!

If your business is looking for a Generation Alpha Advertising Agency to target Generation Alpha audience, contact our Generation Z advertising agency in Los Angeles today so our team can help!

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