10 Shocking Statistics About Generation Z’s Consumption Habits

August 27, 2020

By Kiddest Sinke

As of right now, Generation Z makes up 40% of U.S. consumers, and while many people will try to draw parallels between Millennials and Gen Z, these two populations couldn’t be more different. In fact, Gen Z is revolutionizing what “consumption” even means. Here are ten shocking statistics everyone—especially brand strategists—needs to know about Gen Z’s consumption habits. 


While older generations often think poorly of social media, Gen Zers view their favorite apps as a productive space for self-expression. 56% of teens use social media apps to express themselves creatively, with 55% of Gen Z saying they “can be more creative on social apps and the internet than offline.”


Unlike older generations, Gen Z favors newer, more innovative platforms. YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat are among teens’ favorite online destinations. 85% say they use YouTube, 72% use Instagram, and 69% use Snapchat. Facebook is less popular with teens—51% say they use the platform. And this research study (like most others) doesn’t even account for TikTok, which is the most downloaded app of the year across all generations.

About 65% of Gen-Z consumers try to learn the origins of the things they buy, including where they’re made and what they’re made from, and about 80% of Gen Z refuses to buy products from companies involved in a scandal. This represents a move away from the blind purchases of past generations—especially in the context of anti-racism and sustainable fashion, opening the door for a new wave of socially-conscious companies.

Building off this political thread, 66% of Gen Z expects brands to be part of the political debate, to promote more progressive values, and to play a more meaningful role in society. 

71% of Gen Zers have a Netflix subscription, more than any other generation, with Gen Z streaming an average of 23 hours of video each week across platforms. 


90% of Gen Z identifies as “gamers” in comparison to 59% of the U.S. This growing audience of gamers yields a promising industry for brands to expand into and connect with young consumers. Especially during quarantine, Gen Z is turning to streaming platforms like Twitch to connect with their favorite creators and hang out with their friends in new, engaging ways. 


71% of Gen Z wants to see more diversity in advertising. This makes sense—the most diverse generation in America’s history expects brands to authentically represent people from all backgrounds.


76% of Gen Zers follow an influencer on social media, with 52% of Gen Zers trusting influencers for product or brand advice, suggesting a shift away from trusting major corporations and brands that fail to put a face to their name. 


62% of Gen Zers worry about how their personal data is being used by companies. But perhaps unshockingly, intrusive data collection doesn’t necessarily stop consumers from consuming these company’s products—hence the popularity of apps like Instagram and TikTok—if they in return offer a tailored user experience. 

At the end of the day, Gen Z is revolutionizing not just the landscape of consumerism, but quite literally the definition of consumerism itself. It’s about time brands step up and meet their demands before they risk fading into obscurity.

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