Grow your business with Gen Z

January 27, 2021

By Katherine Williams

With 54% of Gen Z hoping to one day start a business, this young generation is clearly committed to entrepreneurship and creativity. Not only does Gen Z hope to start businesses of their own, but they also love established small businesses and startups that have an engaging and unique brand. Connecting with Gen Z is a great way to expand your business among younger consumers and attract Gen Z as customers. If you’re looking to grow your business with Gen Z, here are a few insights into how you can succeed.

First off, members of Gen Z value authenticity and individuality above all else. Trying to copy another brand’s aesthetic or messaging is the fastest way to lose these savvy young consumers, so find out what makes your business interesting and unique, and stick to it. Gen Z is inherently skeptical and wants to really trust a company before deciding to support, buy from, or follow them. Growing your business with Gen Z takes a lot of trust and genuine content.

Members of Gen Z also want to see that their generation and peers are being reflected in the businesses they support. 61% of Gen Z report that they base purchasing decisions off of peers, meaning that establishing an initial community of young consumers is essential for growing your business’s influence among Gen Z. This could also mean collaborating with Gen Z directly, whether that be in the form of user-generated content, influencer marketing, or even bringing Gen Z onboard as part of your company’s team. There are plenty of Gen-Z experts in the world of marketing, business, media, and tech; this generation has extensive knowledge to offer your company. Additionally, having Gen Z be part of your company will establish a feeling of legitimacy and transparency among Gen Z and work wonders to grow your business.

Creating a brand that appeals to Gen Z also means committing to values of social responsibility and ethical business. This generation has grown up surrounded by injustice and wants to change the future for the better across all industries, especially when it comes to consumption and deciding how to distribute their purchasing power. Showing that your company is actually making the planet and society a better place is not only good for the world, but is also a great strategy when it comes to growing your business with Gen Z.

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