By Haley Chung

With billions of downloads globally, TikTok is an app that features bite-sized looping videos and is extremely popular within the Gen-Z demographic. Surpassing apps like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram in downloads, the app has spawned countless viral trends and songs, attracting countless celebrity users like Reese Witherspoon, Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, Jimmy Fallon, and others.

Users open the app to see a “For You” page, which is a feed that recommends videos based off previously watched or liked content. Although TikTok hasn’t officially released its algorithm, the general understanding is that a user’s posted video won’t be seen unless it makes it onto others’ “For You” page. As such, TikTok creators hashtag “foryoupage” and “fyp” in hopes of making it onto others’ feeds, as well as other hashtags that may be popular at the moment like “college.”

Once a video is posted, it appears on a limited number of people’s “For You” pages. Based off metrics like watching until completion, rewatches, likes, comments, and shares, the video will then appear on more people’s “For You” pages. Most videos don’t make it past this first round. This process continues—TikTok enlarges the audience as more and more people react to the post—until the video is “viral” and appears on everyone’s “For You” pages. But for many, the traction may fizzle out on the way.

So how can TikTok advertising be applied to business marketing? The key is to create videos that grab the viewer’s attention and prompt them to react in some way, whether that be by liking or sharing or rewatching. The video should also be universally appealing because you never know whose “For You” page it’ll appear on first.

Aside from that, the sky’s the limit! Ways I’ve seen other businesses market their brand via TikTok marketing include showing behind the scenes or just generally following the app’s trends. For example, the brand Nola Bowl posted a 15-second behind-the-scenes video of how fake sugar packets were made for a photo shoot of the granola product. The video generated 3.9M views and nearly a million likes, and the brand accrued 40.6K followers in less than five days. Similarly, small jewelry or art businesses film TikTok videos of their process in order to attract potential customers.

Another way to generate content geared toward Gen Z is to follow the trends that circulate the app in a way that showcases the product. These trends include memes, lip-synched songs, and comedy sketches. @Selfmademillennial on TikTok films sketches to give quick job advice, thereby attracting viewers and likes, and then uses her account to advertise her career-advising brand.

In other words, TikTok may not seem like an obvious way to help market your business, but when done right, this app can be the perfect tool to reach the Gen-Z demographic. With a bit of creativity and luck, your brand might just be the next viral thing on TikTok!


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