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How Does Adolescent Content Engage Young People?

March 15, 2023

How does Adolescent Content engage young people?

The generation of young people in the U.S. is VERY different from our parents and even Millennials. We have more racial diversity than previous generations, embrace unique identities, and celebrate our differences. Gen Z wants everyone to be their true authentic selves, and we have ZERO tolerance for intolerance.

There are also around 72 million people considered Gen Z in the U.S., and this generation is choosy about the products and brands they support. We are financially responsible, so we want to make the right decisions on how to spend our money. We support activism, the environment, societal change, equality, and more - and we spend about $44 billion every year on products we care about.

Because Gen Z is such a unique group, marketers need to engage young people in the most effective way. To do this, you need an ad agency that understands Gen Z. Adolescent Content understands Gen Z because we ARE Gen Z.

Engaging the Gen Z Audience

Gen Z is just as engaged with content as older generations - we just get most of our content from our phones! Free time is often spent on Instagram, TikTok, and other social media, and we consume a lot of content from these apps.

The team at Adolescent Content grew up online and with social media being part of our everyday lives. We like content that speaks our language and reflects our values - and we can ALWAYS tell when content is disingenuous.

The best way to grab the attention and loyalty of Gen Z consumers is to have Gen Z marketers create your content and marketing campaign. We handle content creation, advertising, entertainment, and social media campaigns so we can reach the widest Gen Z audience possible for your brand.

We always test our content to make sure it’s on track to engage the intended audience. Our content and campaigns are thoughtfully designed and implemented, and they come right from the source - Gen Z!

Reaching the Gen Z audience

To reach Gen Z, you need to know their values and connect on a real level. Here are some things we keep in mind when engaging the Gen Z audience for brands:

  • Have personalized and genuine messages

  • Celebrate and include different values, attitudes, cultures, and lifestyles

  • Connect with the right influencers who can help spread your message

  • Invite conversations and opinions from Gen Z instead of only talking AT them

  • Present bold and entertaining content that catches their attention

Gen Z can tell when a brand does not share their values or is faking it to get their business. To have the most authentic content to reach Gen Z, you want Gen Z creating that content!

The Gen Z marketers at Adolescent Content

Are you trying to reach a younger audience with impressive market influence? Adolescent Content knows the right approach to do so. Contact us today to talk to our team of female and BIPOC-led marketers about how we can help spread your brand’s message.