How to Attract Gen Z to Your Business

October 20, 2021

By: Eliza Rudalevige

Let’s be honest: Gen Z has blossomed into the target audience for almost every brand. By 2025, Gen Z is estimated to become the largest generation, making up 29% of the population; by the time Gen Z grows up, they should command an impressive 40% of the consumer market. But Gen Z’s influence on spending and consumption now, especially in the realm of social commerce, is nothing to be scoffed at right now, either. Gen Z has direct purchasing power upwards of $44 billion, not to mention their dominance on platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. 

Because every business is courting Gen Z, it can be tricky to figure out how to make yours stand out to this coveted cohort. Luckily, we’ve compiled a few tips for how to attract Gen Z to your business. 

Nail down your message.

Gen Z is made up of opinionated, decisive, and action-focused individuals who value activism and a strong message. If you want to appeal to Gen Z, you first have to know who you are as a business. Specific ideas are effective ideas, and Gen Z is such a huge and varied demographic that it’s hard to attract everyone. Decide who exactly you want to appeal to—whether it’s labor-conscious vegan chocolate aficionados or people that love color and hate wearing bras—and tailor your advertising strategy accordingly. 

Focus on longevity.

Sustainability is a huge buzzword in the Gen-Z community, especially in discourse surrounding the fast-fashion community. Of course, sustainable practices are important and are definitely a selling point for many Gen Zers, but the idea of sustainability and longevity can also apply to the relationship between your products and your audience. As Gen Z becomes more and more aware of how quickly microtrends pass into obsolescence, they may be less likely to purchase them. If your business is trend-driven, think about ways to increase the practicality and extend the life of your products to build brand loyalty and approval within Gen Z. 

Build relationships with appropriate influencers...

Influencer marketing has received some heat in recent years. But, as the definition of “influencer” continues to expand, so does the pool of options for influential partnerships. Make sure that the social media personalities that you choose to represent your business actually align with the products and values that you are trying to push. For example, it wouldn’t make sense to use an Instagram model with flawless skin to advertise an acne-fighting skincare brand. Instead, use an acne-positive influencer! The right influencer partnership can introduce you seamlessly to a niche of enthusiastic customers. 

…But also focus on “real people.”

As important as influencers are to the current e-commerce market, at the end of the day, you’re selling to real, unfiltered people. The most important relationship you have is with your customers. If these customers are Gen Z, they also prefer to see people that look and live like them used as models and spokespeople for your business; 67% of Gen Zers reported that they prefer seeing “real people” in advertisements. Unrealistic standards are out—honesty, transparency, authenticity, and trustworthiness are in. 

Attracting Gen Z to your business in a market so saturated with competition can be overwhelming. If you and your team need help with applying these tips and tricks to your business, feel free to reach out to Adolescent, and we can connect you with our network of talented creatives.