How to grow a brand's social media following

September 02, 2021

By Elyssa Curet

As social media continues to evolve, successful brands are reshaping how they engage with their followers and promote their content. Instead of simply selling goods and services, brands follow a new strategy that creates authentic engagement with their audiences. The result is that brands are more likely to have followers who consume not only the products they offer, but the social media content they provide. They create a positive feedback loop in which users enjoy the content, spend money on the product, and look forward to more content. If you own a brand, or represent one, there are many ways that you can grow your social media following.

  • Because so many brands maintain social media presences, consumers have a lot of choices. Convincing social media users that they should follow your brand means connecting with them on a deeper level than simply selling a product or service. Instead, be personable. Maintain a social media presence that makes users excited to see your name show up on their feed. Posts should be engaging, creative, and aesthetically pleasing. A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself whether your content looks like another advertisement getting in the way of someone’s social media experience, or if it enhances their experience. If your answer is the latter, and other users agree, it will lead to an increase in social media followers.

  • The truth is that there are hundreds of thousands of brands on social media, and likely thousands that may offer products or services similar to your brand’s. When a user comes across your brand’s profile, they should immediately feel that your brand offers something more unique than the thousands of similar profiles they may have already come across. For example, if you represent a fashion brand, a user is less likely to follow your brand if their immediate impression is that you are a general fashion brand. Instead, think specific: does your brand primarily sell vintage clothes, or clothes that fit a certain aesthetic? By narrowing down your brand’s interests, your potential followers know they are following a unique brand that distinguishes themself from a sea of other choices.

  • A successful brand presence makes users feel like they are being heard. If users reply to your content with questions and comments, reply back! If you engage with users directly, they will be much more likely to follow your brand. Additionally, other potential followers will be able to see your public interactions, and may be more attracted to your brand after seeing your replies. By responding to as many users as possible, you can help your brand create a more intimate environment that users enjoy being a part of.

  • Influencers and other brands can be an opportunity for collaboration, not just competition. Asking users to promote your account, hold giveaways with you, or share your products can be a powerful way to gain social media followers. This is not only because it expands your brand’s network, but because users associate your brand with a user they already follow and trust. Similarly, collaborating with other brands can have a similar effect. By expanding your network and increasing your personability, your brand’s social media followers can quickly increase. In order to increase your chances of having a successful collaboration, make sure you are reaching out to influencers and brands who genuinely believe in what your brand represents.

Even though the landscape of social media is always changing, implementing these tips will continue to help your brand grow, attracting real followers who genuinely like your brand and what it represents.

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