How to Reach Millennials and Gen Z

August 27, 2020

By Modesty Sanchez

Social media is quickly becoming the primary mode of media that Millennials and Gen Z are consuming. It's where they get their news, workout plans, and #inspo while still being able to connect with their friends and people across the world. As such, many brands are now doing marketing campaigns exclusively meant for social media platforms like Instagram or Twitter. Social media campaigns, or campaigns that are aestheticized based on which platform they'll be shown on, are on the rise, especially since this is the best way to ensure you can grip the attention of Millennials and Gen Z. Just look at the success of Marc Davis's Daisy Perfume campaign—Instagram-ready models in white dresses frolicking together in a pristine and idyllic meadow with the sun making the perfume bottle glimmer.

Another key component of these social media campaigns is that they have to be eye-catching. The average Millennial or Gen Zer spends a lot of time scrolling through various feeds and timelines, desensitized to many of the images and words splattered across their screen. Because of this, those trying to grab their attention have to ensure they do so in a way that is irresistible to the unfocused eye. Use influencers in your campaign (i.e. Charli D'Amelio for TikTok campaigns, Madison Beer for Instagram ones); even people who aren't necessarily fans of them will still be automatically drawn to images of them due to their overwhelming popularity on social media platforms. Another important strategy is to make sure that you have a diverse cast of models for your ad. Gen Z and Millennials value marketing campaigns that highlight diversity or have social justice angles (ethical practices, awareness of social issues, etc.) because they show that companies have similar values to them. If your ad pledges to make a donation to a worthy cause, not only will this increase your chances of capturing people's attention, but it will also help you capture their attention again as your brand is now associated with honorable values.

Adolescent understands the intricacies of getting the attention of Gen Z and Millennials, as shown by their digital campaigns that highlight diverse stories—from showcasing a queer love story for Tinder to portraying the various quarantine rituals of a beauty-inclusive group of people for WILDKAT. If you are having trouble captivating the attention of a Gen-Z base that is increasingly valuing social media more than any other type of media, don't be afraid to reach out and be connected with one of our many talented creators.

If your business is looking to grow their TikTok account, contact our Generation Z advertising agency in Los Angeles today so our team can help!