How to Sell to Generation Z

October 29, 2021

By: Irine Le

As a kid, there was nothing more entertaining than receiving a toy store catalog in the mail and spending hours flipping through it, circling the items I wanted to buy with the very limited funds in my piggy bank. Though the glossy pages of a Toys R Us toy catalog are a thing of the past, I’d like to think my hours of scrolling through eBay bidding wars and Instagram shops are the present-day version of my favorite childhood activity.

Social media offers up limitless opportunities for small businesses and brands to grow their presence and advertise their products to Generation Z. But how are companies getting the word out to Generation-Z members? What are some unique resources that companies can utilize to have their brand stand out when selling to my generation?

Showing a product’s versatility

Scrolling through my “For You” page on TikTok, I always see brands flaunting how versatile their products are. It definitely feels more tempting to buy something after seeing how it can be used in more ways than one, so I know I’m getting a lot of value out of what I’m buying. When it comes to shopping for shirts and dresses, I love seeing how pieces can be layered differently or accessorized with product shots.

Engaging in fun trends

There’s something really entertaining about seeing brands jump on TikTok dance trends or other memes as a way to get their name out to more people online. It’s a great way for a brand to show off its fun, relaxed side and learn what Generation Z is interested in today. Seeing that a brand is willing to keep up with trends is great to know, too. 

Transparency behind your products

Generation Z wants to know about the creative process behind the products their favorite brands are selling. If I’m buying something, it feels good knowing it was ethically, sustainably made and that the brand behind it champions a diverse, just workplace. 

If you want to connect with Gen Z and learn some creative tips on how to market to Gen Z, reach out to Adolescent Content—we’re always looking for new ways to help brands.