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Using Hashtags Important When Posting on Social Media

February 15, 2023

Is using hashtags important when posting on social media?

Identifying which social media platforms will connect you with Gen Z and posting content is only the first step in catching the attention of this influential audience. There are other things that brands need to do for maximum engagement on TikTok and other social media.

Hashtags might seem funny, but they also serve an important purpose, including allowing you to reach a wider audience. You need to learn how to use hashtags properly, which can take time. You should never hesitate to seek help from Gen Z marketers who already know how to harness the power of the hashtag.

What’s a hashtag?

What used to be known as a number or pound sign is now commonly called a hashtag. The first hashtag was used on Twitter in 2007 by a web marketing specialist to group Tweets with related content together and make them easily searchable.

Now, hashtags connect similar themes, topics, conversations, or events on almost every social media platform.

Hashtags must start with the pound sign (#), and they can’t have any other symbols, punctuation, or spaces. Longer hashtags might be humorous, but shorter ones are better for audience engagement. You want to use a hashtag that is already relevant on a platform - using obscure hashtags makes them too hard to find.

Here are some powerful benefits of using hashtags properly:

  • Increasing engagement with target audiences and followers

  • Being visible in online conversations

  • Building brand awareness by incorporating your brand or company name into hashtags

  • Showing your brand support for social issues

  • Adding additional context to videos or tweets

  • Identifying sponsored partnerships with influencers

Using hashtags on different platforms

Different platforms have different preferences for hashtags:

  • Twitter = You can use hashtags in any part of your tweet, retweet, or comments. Twitter recommends only using one or two hashtags per post.

  • Instagram = Most people use hashtags below a caption on an IG photo or reel, though hashtags in stories are no longer searchable. You can also add hashtags to your brand’s profile and bio. Three to five hashtags are best on IG.

  • Facebook = Similar to IG, you can use hashtags anywhere on a post or comment on Facebook. Two to three hashtags are ideal.

  • TikTok = You can use TikTok hashtags in the descriptions of your video posts or on the Discover page, which shows trending hashtags and related videos, so they are easy to find for your audience. It is suggested to use three to five hashtags on TikTok.

  • YouTube = Add hashtags to your video description or title on YouTube to connect your video with others using the same hashtags. Three to five hashtags are best, and keep in mind that if you use more than 15, YouTube will ignore ALL of them on your video.

  • LinkedIn = Since this is a professional platform, you want to keep your hashtags professional. It is recommended to include one to five hashtags anywhere in a LinkedIn post.

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