Marketing to college students
May 14, 2020

By Haley Chung

There are more college students in America than ever, and brands are increasingly looking to them as potential consumers. This is a Gen-Z market, where influencers, Instagram, and social media reign, and traditional marketing strategies have been forced to adapt.

One thing that youth research has found about Gen-Z Marketing and Gen-Alpha consumers is that more than ever, they care about a brand’s morals and values. This means anything from cruelty-free products to impact on the climate to ethical production to diverse representation in advertising.

This generation is full of forward thinkers, and they’re constantly thinking of ways that we can move forward as a society. This is reflected in the branding and marketing they want to see—how is your brand different from other big corporations? How does it reflect the changes in our society? Marketing to College students? In other words, to appeal to college students means to show not only why they should invest in your product, but why you’re worth buying from.

Adolescent understands this, which is why we’re a global Gen Z ad agency with a roster of creators who are experts in youth culture. We are experts when brands want to do Marketing to college students. These Gen Z photographers and Gen Z directors are attuned to current trends and what youth want to see because they themselves are the target audience! Adolescent Gen Z photographer Andrea Lux did a shoot for Converse, featuring diverse models and whimsical designs that are calibrated with trendy aesthetics. Adolescent Generation Z director Christina Xing directed a colorful commercial for Levi’s Pride campaign, featuring a non-traditional couple dancing together. And lastly, Adolescent Gen Z photographer Brandie Wedderburn has worked with brands like Adidas and Crayola and always features women of color in her work.

This shift in focus for brand Gen Z marketing to Marketing to college students and other young people cannot be easily replicated. Marketing to College students is also concerned with who directs or works behind the scenes on Marketing to college students. In other words, to target Generation Z and Gen-Alpha consumers, it’s worth considering working with someone who understands them on an intrinsic and personal level.

Although Gen-Z Ad Agency creatives might be younger than the traditional image of a photographer or director, they have the same amount of expertise and creative vision, if not more. They’re bold and unafraid to showcase their innovative ways of creating, making them a great way to reach college students! 

If your business is looking to Advertise to college students or Gen Z audience, contact our Generation Z advertising agency in Los Angeles today so our team can help!