Media and Influencer Distribution
Media and Influencer Distribution

At Gen Z, we are all about relationship-building. We are about in-clusivity, not ex-clusivity.

We don’t connect to brands the same as previous generations. We look for truth. We look for authenticity. We look for real in a sea of fake.

In the traditional marketing world, branding is designed around who you aren’t, so you need a product to complete who you “should” be. Feel bad about yourself? Here’s our product to make you feel better so you can be accepted by people you really don’t care about.

Clue: that’s not Gen Z.

We Know Gen Z Because We Are Gen Z

Here at Adolescent Content, we know that connecting with Gen Z is about connecting with who we are authentically.

We are a Gen Z media consultancy and ad agency created and run by Gen Z. We know how Gen Z approaches the world, how inclusion connects brands with us to create feelings of connection, not branding built on rejection. Because if you tell us that we need your product because we aren’t enough without it, we'll see right through that.

Our global tribe of researchers, writers, content studio producers, directors, videographers, and photographers create media that connects with Gen Z in a language we understand. Who are we paying attention to today? Who is yesterday’s news?

How Influencers Affect Our Purchasing Power

Gen Z was raised on digital content and consumes media differently. Traditional marketing doesn’t work with Gen Z. Why should you care? Because we represent 20% of the world’s population and hold approximately $140 billion in spending power.

Consider this: because of the short-video media format that we now predominantly consume, marketing that is fueled by this format and their influencers has now grown into a $16+ billion industry. But the people who influence our decisions aren’t the slick formulated types of traditional television, print, and even online marketing campaigns. They aren’t plastered on our screens in well-produced 60-second TV commercials.

In Influencers We Trust

We don’t trust loud and phony marketing. We want to hear from people we do trust.

Thanks to our digital connections, the people influencing our spending decisions look nothing like traditional commercial marketing efforts. Today, social media and social media influencers play a large part in our lives and our consumption habits. These are the people we meet each day who, for us, depict a sense of honesty, relatability, and humor. Today, with most of us making purchases based on social media influencer recommendations, influencers are key to marketing efforts focused on Gen Z.

Social media influencers are the celebrities of Gen Z. They talk to us like friends, look like us, have the same concerns as we do. They are real and fallible, just like we are. They entertain us and make us laugh. And by laughing at them and at ourselves, we don’t take ourselves too seriously and come away feeling connected, not rejected. We don’t want to feel inadequate without your product. We want products that support who we already are and understand our need for engagement, real connection, and acceptance.

How Understanding Our Media and Influencers Helps You Understand Us

At Adolescent Content, we aren’t just tapped into Gen Z. We are owned, created, and operated by Gen Z. You aren’t just getting a marketing firm’s interpretation of who we are, you are getting us.

With our own extensive platform of engaged users, creators, and distribution capabilities, we can help you target our generation of users with 360 media strategies, planning, and influencer campaigns that will convey the vibe and authenticity we crave so your brand can get our attention.

Since 2013, we have helped countless brands connect with Gen Z by offering peer-fueled research, social insight, creative campaign strategies, and focused media content developed by Gen Zers, for Gen Zers. Let us help your brand understand, communicate and tap into our powerful generation.