Meet Gen Z

November 05, 2021

By: Hannah Yang

You might think you know the basics of Gen Z—diverse, tech-savvy, influential, and TikTok-obsessed—but do you really know them? This group of young people is more than the technology they use and the trends they follow. And you might be tired of hearing it by now, but Gen Z truly is unique in ways that other generations aren’t. 

When describing Gen Z, the first word that comes to mind is resourceful. During the COVID-19 pandemic, my fellow Gen Zers and I were able to continue with school, graduate, apply to colleges, work, and reinvent ourselves. And, might I add, with barely any complaining. Gen-Z creators had to become more creative, too. My photographer friends were executing photoshoots via FaceTime, people were creating online communities over Zoom, teens were making daily content on TikTok, and others were chasing entrepreneurial pursuits through their indie businesses. In all of these endeavors, Gen Z was starting from scratch, using skills learned via the internet, and becoming professionals without the help of professionals. 

Even better, Gen Z doesn’t need bosses to tell them to do these things. If we’re truly passionate about something, we’ll just go ahead and do it. Gen Z’s ingenuity makes anything seem possible for us. Have an idea? Research it, then execute it. That’s how Gen Z views the world: (almost) nothing is impossible. We can’t all be astronauts or A-list celebrities (although influencing can bring people closer to achieving this particular dream), but a lot more careers are accessible to Gen Z through the aid of technology, sheer determination, and some craftiness. Gen Z can turn even niche interests, like collecting rocks or reviewing YA books, into more than a private hobby. 

Especially in the creative realm, Gen Z believes that you don’t have to be an experienced professional to become a creator. Gen-Z creatives are usually bursting with passion and energy. A teen would have no real reason to make short films in their free time if they didn't truly love it. And although Gen Z is famous for having a short attention span, Gen Zers are able to fully commit to and focus on their passions to take them to the next level. 

While Gen Z would probably protest at the idea of being one uniform group, the key qualities of Gen Z are their ability to do anything they put their mind to and the creativity they offer the world. Understanding these qualities and more will be crucial to any future interactions with Gen Z. Adolescent, with a team full of diverse, resourceful, and creative Gen Zers, can help!