Parker and Riley Halliday





Parker and Riley Halliday are Boston based twin sisters.Their interest in photography and cinematography started with a flip video- a Christmas present on which many middle school horror movies and skits were filmed.

Aside from photography and videography, fashion still plays a major role in their daily lives. Parkers runs a YouTube channel while Riley runs a fashion and photography blog. Both love shooting photos and videos that capture an editorial feel. Most of their work is shot in their makeshift studio which they built in their family’s garage. In their free time, Riley and Parker run their own clothing line, Unamused Apparel.

They are inspired by the works of Tyler Shields, Kendy Ty, Parker Day, and Tim Burton. Parker and Riley enjoy exploring elements from different time periods and are constantly inspired by the world around them. With a love for thrifting and antique shopping, they love turning the old into new.